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After garnering acclaim for his directorial debut, Shaitan, director Bejoy Nambiar is back with his second flick, David. Spanning over three eras, the movie centers around the story of 3 people who share the same name – David. Bejoy is known for his quirky cinematic vision. Those who have seen his short film, Rahu will agree with me. Having 8 different names credited under music does come as a bit of a surprise – Bramfatura, Mikey McCleary, Maatibaani, Remo Fernandes, Prashant Pillai, Modern Mafia, Anirudh Ravichander (of Why This Kolaveri Di fame) & Saurabh Roy – but my curiosity level is peaking right now. Without further ado, let us take a look at the album.



is a collaborative music duo from Mumbai, comprised of Mark Fulgado and Gaurav Godkhindi. They met in Sydney, and have played a number of underground club gigs since. For David, they have composed the opening track Ghum Huye (The Theme Of David). Sung by Siddharth Basrur & penned by Ankur Tewari, this one is a slow pseudo-lounge rock track with vocals and a haunting chorus. The lyrics beautifully sum up the emotions of each of the Davids from the movie.

“Khoyaa sa hai mera raasta, chhoota peechhe kahin jaane kahaan kaarwan,
Aur adhoori si reh gayi baat, raat aesi dhalee, In andhero mein hain hum kho gaye,
Dhoondhen unhi raahon ko, raaste jahaan khoye the hum
Ghum huye, Ghum huye”




Despite being in this industry for quite some time, Mikey shot to fame with his remix versions of Khoya Khoya Chanda & Hawa Hawai from Bejoy’s Shaitan. The latest promos of his version of Runa Laila’s immortal track, Dama Dam Mast Kalandar from David have been creating waves across India. Opening up with Rekha Bhardwaj’s enrapturing voice, this version has HIT written all over it from the word go. The on-air promos do not do justice to this song, which in its entirety, sounds so amazing. Maybe it is the sheer power emanated from this track or maybe it is the arrangements which eventually make you swoon.

What comes as a surprise is the Rock version of this track by Mikey & Gaurav Godkhindi. Only they could transform a devotional track into something worth headbanging to. Funnily, I cannot seem to pick my favorite of the two. Both have their own distinct flavor and deserve to be heard without pre conceived notions. The thought of hearing the rock version in Runa Laila’s voice gives me the goosebumps. Ah! If wishes were horses…

His next track Out Of Control turned out to be a gem.

“Somethings have to be done, you got to finish what you begun,
Somethings have to be done, you can’t hide, you can’t run
Now I am spinning out of control.”

This melodious duet sung by Nikhil D’ Souza (in English) & Preeti Pillai (in Hindi) sounds so raw and natural that it is impossible for it to not touch you. Be it Nikhil’s high pitched portions or their jugalbandi in Hindi & English, this track really impressed me and left me wanting for more.  Greater emphasis has been given on the vocals, as opposed to, its simple orchestration.

The best adjective to describe the choir version of Out Of Control by Marianne & Tara Sitaria would be pristine. This version sounded so delicate that it actually gave me the heebeegeebees.  Lyrics by Mikey & Preeti are top notch.




Music Producer Prashant Pillai produces and scores music for films, short films, corporate films including jingles, commercials, signature tunes and sonic branding.

Woo hoo! Reading Lucky Ali’s name in the song listing really made my day. I love his rustic voice. He has sung the devotional number Ya Hussain. Yā Hussain is an Arabic phrase used by Shia Muslims to invoke the memory or intervention of Hussain ibn Ali. It is especially used in the context of the Mourning of Muharram. Prashant’s track, along with Turaz’s words, messed with my mind. In a way, it hypnotized me. Lucky’s voice really suited this track.

Along with Tao Issaro, Prashant has composed the situational yet powerful Rab Di Marzi. Boasting of fantastic arrangements along with Kartik’s stupendous singing, Rab Di Marzi seems to be instrumental in taking the movie’s plot forward.

What comes as a surprise is the highly experimental Electronica Rab Step Version of Rab Di Marzi by Dub Sharma (who used to be composer Sneha Khanwalkar’s assistant). This one definitely leaves a greater mark because of its uniqueness.

The saccharine sweet Tere Mere Pyaar Ki is up next. Other than its instrumentation, it is a mediocre hear. Neither Naresh Iyer nor Shweta Pandit managed to impress me. It seems to be one of those mandatory lovey-dovey tracks. The only thing that stands out in this track is the soothing whistling sound.




Maati Baani is a World Music band combining elements of Hindustani Classical with various styles of Folk music and New age sounds. Their only track in this album Tore Matware Naina is experimentation at its best. Along with French Jazz/Blues singer JoyShanti, Carnatic singer Nirali Karthik dazzles you with her amazing rendition. Many will mistake the French portions to be Arabic but they’re actually French. Sample this:

Mon bien aimé est enfin de retour, mon bien aimé est là là.
L’amour, l’amour, l’amour est ma foi.
Mon bien aimé est enfin de retour, mon cœur est en joie.

Mon bien aimé est là, au fond de mon cœur. L’amour est ma foi.”

Which literally translates to:

My beloved has finally returned, my beloved is here,
Love, love, love is my faith.
My beloved has finally returned, my heart is joyful,
My beloved is here, deep in my heart. Love is my faith.

Originally, this song was written for Lord Krishna who is the very being of the Gopi of Vrindavan. Such is her surrender for her beloved.  She could not anticipate even a moment away from her beloved and she urges Krishna never to leave her. The lyrics in Braj language are by the great poet Shri Laghulaal from Kutchh. The French lyrics are by JoyShanti.

Check out the original video by Maati Baani:



Goan singer Remo Fernandes (of Pyar To Hona Hi Tha fame) belts the popular Goan festival track, Maria Pitache. Replete with Konkani lyrics, this one takes some time to grow on you but once it does, there is no looking back. The gist of the song is that Maria’s father was a cheater who promised the protagonist to get him married to Maria, but later when a wealthier boy approached him, he changed his pledge. The original lyricist has not used the word cheater. He always stopped at ‘che’ because he still respects his would-have-been father in law. Remo & Abhijeet Deshpande add their own Hindi words towards the end making it a very amusing track.

His other composition, Light House Symphony is an enjoyable instrumental. Very enjoyable, actually.



Modern Mafia is the byproduct of four very close, musically allied friends. The English Indie Punk band from Mumbai features Varun Das on vocals and guitars, Ishaan Krishna on lead guitars and backing vocals, Karun Kannampilly on drums and Krehl Gonsalves on bass and backing vocals.

Their track Bandhay is a catchy situational Rock track with major youth appeal. Written in Hindi by Ankur Tewari & composed / sung by Modern Mafia, this one has its own distinct persona.  It is completely different from anything you have heard so far in the album.  And surprisingly, it works.



Lead singer of the Mumbai garage punk band, The Lightyears Explode, Saurabh Roy has composed & co-sung Three Kills for David along with the band’s drummer, Aaron Carvalho. Just like Bandhay, Three Kills is a crazy rock track in English. Too good.


Anirudh Ravichander
shot to fame with his composition Why This Kolaveri Di. His track Yun Hi Re has a very harmonious tune. Sung by Shweta Mohan & himself, I prefer this romantic duet over Tere Mere Pyaar Ki. The orchestration is soft, pleasant & soothing on the ears and the vocals are lilting.

Phew! After 15 almost equally amazing tracks, I am very pleased to say that Bejoy Nambiar’s David has a great soundtrack. Actually, one of the best in recent times. It is highly experimental with great diversity & is multi-generic – just like his films. Go for it.


All the tracks.
* * * * 1/2 out of * * * * *


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